MI State Education Agency Relations-Quality Assurances

MI State Education Agency Relations: Quality Assurances                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  MI

       The board is committed to school improvement for all schools, academic achievement for all students, and results-based professional development for all district staff members.  The board maintains the goal of full accreditation for all district schools.  Good faith efforts shall be made by all staff to implement district school improvement plans.  The board shall monitor compliance.  The superintendent and principal shall regularly report to the board on the district’s progress in meeting all required NCLB / QPA quality assurances.

       The board shall inform the public in languages commonly used in the community about school improvement plans, the progress of school improvement efforts, the accreditation status of each district school, and other pertinent information as the board may direct.



Approved:  10/14/12