KI Distributing Material in Schools

KI   Distributing Materials in Schools (See JHCA, JK and JR et seq.)                                                                                                                                                                          KI

       In accordance with rules adopted by the board, the superintendent reserves the right to refuse distribution to students any material by outside individuals or groups which creates a material or substantial interference with normal school activity or appropriate discipline in the operation of the school.

       Materials Produced by Outside Groups–Including Religious Materials

       The administrators may establish rules and regulations which control the time, place and manner in which non-school/educational materials are displayed and disseminated in the building or on school property.  No student shall be forced to participate in the distribution or receipt of any non-school materials in the schools.

       Political Campaign Materials

       The board encourages responsible use of political materials as part of the board-approved curriculum.  No student shall be forced to participate in the distribution or receipt of any political materials.

       Advertising in the Schools

       No advertising for commercial purposes shall be permitted in the school buildings or on the grounds of the district without prior principal approval.  Advertising in student publications shall be regulated by rules and regulations developed by the superintendent.   Ads promoting the sale of any controlled substance, drug paraphernalia or any other illegal material or activity are prohibited.

       Mailing Lists

       No mailing lists of students shall be given to individuals, organizations or vendors for the purpose of distributing materials.


Approved:  10/14/12