KGD Disruptive Acts at School or School Activities

KGD  Disruptive Acts at School or School Activities                      KGD

         (See EBC, GAAE, JCDBB, JDDC, and KGC)

         Disruptive acts at school or school sponsored activities will not be tolerated. Persons threatening the safety of students, school personnel, or other persons; to damage school property; or to interfere with school or school activities or the educational process will be asked to leave the premises.

            The school administration and staff are responsible for handling any disturbance caused by adults or students.  The final decision for determining if assistance is needed is the responsibility of the superintendent or school principal.  In the absence of these individuals, the determination shall be made by the assistant principal or person designated to be in charge of the building or activity.  The superintendent shall be notified of any serious problem at the school.

              Possession of a Firearm

            Unless otherwise required by law or authorized by board policy, no person other than a law enforcement officer shall possess a firearm on any district owned or operated property, within any district owned or operated building or facility; in a school vehicle or an employee’s personal vehicle being used to transport students, or at any school sponsored activity, program, or event.  This prohibition includes possession of concealed weapons even if the person has a valid concealed carry license in this state; however such prohibition shall not apply to the secured storage of a handgun in a district employee’s own locked vehicle on school property so long as such employee holds a valid Kansas concealed carry license and such weapon is maintained out of plain sight. 




KGD  Disruptive Acts at School or School Activities                   KGD-2


Appropriate signs shall be conspicuously posted as directed by the board and required by law.

            Anyone in violation of this policy shall be directed to leave the premises immediately and not return without prior approval from the building administrator or superintendent.  Failure to comply with such order will result in a report to law enforcement.


Approved:  BOE Approved:   8/7/13