KGD Crowd Control at School Activities and Concealed Weapons

KGD  Crowd / Firearms Control at School Sponsored Activities                                                                                                                                                                         KGD

         (See EBC and JCDBB)

         Disorder and disruption of school activities will not be tolerated, and persons attempting to endanger the safety of students, school personnel or other adults; to damage school property; to interfere with school activities or the educational process; will be asked to leave the premises.

            The school administration and staff are responsible for handling any problem caused by adults or students.  The final decision for determining if assistance is needed is the responsibility of the school principal.  In the absence of the principal, the determination shall be made by the person designated to be in charge of the building or activity.  The superintendent shall be notified immediately of any serious problem at the school.

              Criminal Possession of a Firearm

            It shall be illegal for any person, other than a law enforcement officer, to possess a firearm in or on any school property, school grounds, or any district building or structure used for student instruction, or attendance or extracurricular activities of pupils or at any regularly scheduled school sponsored activity or event.  This prohibition includes concealed weapons even if the person has a legal permit.  Appropriate signs shall be posted as directed by the board.

            Refusal to surrender or immediately remove from school property or grounds, or any regularly scheduled school sponsored activity or event, any firearm in the possession of any person, when so requested or directed by an authorized school employee or any law enforcement officer shall be reported immediately and without exception to law enforcement.