KG Use of School Facilities by Community Groups

KG  Use of School Facilities by Community Groups   (See DFG and JH)                                                                                                                                                                            KG

       The board may allow use of school buildings and school grounds outside the school day by community groups.  Use of any school facility or school grounds, however, shall not interfere with daily school use and/or any school-sponsored activity.

       Fees and Rental Charges

       The board shall establish reasonable fees and/or rental charges for the use of any school facility or school grounds; fees and/or rental charges will cover costs of wages of school personnel involved and utilities.  The fee and/or rental charges shall be approved by the board.

       Lease Arrangements

       The board shall approve any lease arrangements.

       Supervision of Non-School Groups

       Whenever any school facility is used by non-school groups or individuals, a school employee may be on duty to see that the building and equipment are properly used.  But, a school employee may not be required to be on duty when, in the principal’s opinion, it is not necessary.



Approved:  10/14/12