KBA Websites

KBA   District or School Web Sites                                                                                                                                                                                                                                KBA-1

         (See ECH, II, IIBG, JR et seq. and KB)

         The board may establish a district web site.   The district web site shall be supervised and managed by the principal.

         Web Site Rules

         Web Site rules include the following areas:

·    Compliance with all data privacy and FERPA regulations;

·    Compliance with all copyright rules, relating to access and use of materials and the property rights of the district, students or employees who create material;

·    The board and administration shall determine web site content and monitor use by employees and students.

         District and school web sites are maintained to support the public relations and educational programs of the district and/or the schools.  Web sites may be modified or terminated at any time by board action.



             Student Privacy Rights  (See JRB)


             Identifiable student images shall not be posted on district or school websites without prior written permission from the student and, if under 18, the student's parent or guardian.  The mailing address, telephone number or other personally identifiable information about any student shall not be posted on district or school web sites.  All applicable requirements of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) shall be followed.


             Copyrighted Material Posted On Websites  (See KBA)


             Any original materials created by students are owned by those students.  Original materials will not be posted on district or school web sites without prior written permission of the student who created the work.  The Principal / Web Master shall be in charge of monitoring permission to post copyrighted materials.



             Software Copyright  (See ECH)


Software acquired by staff using district or school web sites, and installed on district computers, must comply with copyright laws.  Proof of purchase (copy or original) must be filed in the district.


             Downloading Copyrighted Materials  (ECH)


Students and staff shall not download copyrighted materials without prior, written permission being obtained from the author or creator of the material in question.  See ECH for “fair use exceptions” which may in some cases allow for limited use of copyrighted materials.




Approved:  10/14/12