JS Student Fees and Charges

JS    Student Fees and Charges                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           JS-1

       Building principals shall be authorized to collect fees approved by the board or to seek restitution for any school property lost, damaged or destroyed by a student.

       Credit Card Payments

       Credit and debit cards may be accepted to pay fees, fines, and charges due the district.  A fee may be collected to cover costs of accepting credit or debit cards.

       Fee Schedules

       The superintendent shall distribute a schedule of enrollment fees and other fees approved in advance by the board to all building principals.  The fee schedule shall include:

·    A list of all items for which a charge is to be collected;

·    The amount of each charge;

·    The date due;

·    Classifications of students exempt from the fee or charge;

·    A system for accounting for and disposing of fees; and

·    An appeal procedure to be used by students or parents to claim exemption from paying the fees or charges.

       Debt Collection

       Building principals shall attempt to collect the justifiable value owed by a student of school property lost, damaged or destroyed by a student.  If, after the attempt to collect, the amount remains unpaid, the principal shall report

the matter to the superintendent who may turn it over to the districts debt collection program.



JS    Student Fees and Charges                                                     JS-2


Forwarding Pupil Records

       Administrators shall forward student's school records upon written request and may not withhold them for any reason.




Approved:  10/14/12