JHCA Student Publications

JHCA   Student Publications (See KI)                                       JHCA-1

           School-Sponsored Student Publications

           School-sponsored student publications shall be under the supervision of the building principal and / or designated faculty representative.

           Students who have facts and opinions should be allowed to express them in print as well as through oral communications.  However, student editors and writers must observe the same legal responsibilities as those imposed upon conventional newspapers and communication media.  No student shall distribute any school publication which:

           Is obscene according to current legal definitions;

           Is libelous according to current legal definitions; or

           Creates a material or substantial interference with normal school activity or appropriate discipline in the operation of the school.

           Student publications which are not libelous, disruptive or obscene may be distributed on school property during school hours at times and in areas designated by the building principal.

           If a decision to disapprove distribution of a publication is made, the principal shall state reasons for the decision to the student(s).

           If the student is dissatisfied with the principal's decision, the student may appeal the decision to the superintendent.

           Non-School Sponsored Student Publications

           Non-school sponsored student publications may be distributed on school property at times and in areas designated by the building principal.

Distribution of any non-school-sponsored publication may be halted

JHCA   Student Publications                                                    JHCA-2

if the material is obscene or libelous, or creates a material or substantial disruption of normal school activity or interferes with the operation of the school.  Distribution in violation of this policy may result in suspension, expulsion or other discipline of the students involved.


           Ads concerning illegal drugs, any controlled substances, or any illegal activity are prohibited in school sponsored publications.


Approved: 10/14/12