JGH School Food Service Programs

JGH   School Food Service Programs                                                                                                                                                                                                                            JGH

         The district shall provide a school food service program.  Food service rules shall be published in student handbooks.  Building principals shall develop individual building rules.

         Free or Reduced Price Meals

         Free or reduced price meals shall be provided for students who qualify under state and federal rules and regulations.

         The eligibility forms, rules and regulations governing this program shall be provided by the administration to students or their parents.

         Contracts With Other Agencies

         The board may enter into contracts with the governing authority of any nonpublic school or any child-care institution to provide meals for children who attend these institutions.  The board may also contract for meal service with any municipality, any state university or any corporation whose operations are substantially controlled by a state university.  Contracts shall provide for payment of the costs incurred by the district to provide the service.  Income received by the district under any contract to provide this service shall be deposited in the district food service fund and may be expended whether budgeted or not.


Approved:  10/14/12