JGCC Communicable Diseases

JGCC   Communicable Diseases                                                  JGCC

           Any student noted by a physician or the school nurse as having a communicable disease may be required to withdraw from school for the duration of the illness.  The student will be readmitted to regular classes upon termination of the illness, as authorized by the student’s physician or as authorized by a health assessment team.

           The board reserves the right to require a written statement from the student’s physician indicating that the student is free from all symptoms of the disease.

               If a student is absent from regular classes for more than three consecutive days or the principal has been notified that a student has a communicable disease, the principal shall determine whether a release shall be obtained from the student's physician before the student reenters school.

               Decisions regarding the type of education and the setting for provision of educational services for a student with a severe communicable disease of long duration shall be based on the child’s medical condition, the child’s behavior and neurological development, and the expected type of interaction with others in the educational setting.  These decisions will be made after receiving input from the student’s physician, public health personnel, the student’s parent or guardian, and personnel associated with the proposed care or educational setting.


Approved:  10/14/12