JFCA Early Graduation

JFCA   Early Graduation  (See IHF)                                                                                                                                                                                                                        JFCA

           Students who complete all state and local graduation requirements may request permission to graduate early.  The earliest possible early graduation date shall be December of the senior year. 

               A student who wishes to graduate from high school early may request permission to do so.  The student and parents shall consult with high school administrative and/or guidance personnel in order to develop a graduation plan.  The board shall approve or deny each request based on the circumstances of the individual student.  The student’s request shall be in writing, addressed to the superintendent, shall state the reasons supporting the request, include a copy of the graduation plan and a letter of support from the student’s parents.  The letters of request shall be sent to the superintendent who shall forward them to the board.


Approved:  10/14/12