IIBG Computer Use

IIBG    Computer Use (See ECH, JCDA and KBA)                       IIBG-1

           Use of District Computers/Privacy Rights

           Computer systems are for educational and professional use.  All information created by staff shall be considered district property and shall be subject to unannounced monitoring by district administrators.  The district retains the right to discipline any student, up to and including expulsion, and any employee, up to and including termination, for violations of this policy.


           Software acquired by staff using either district or personal funds, and installed on district computers, must comply with copyright laws.  Proof of purchase (copy or original) must be filed in the district office.


           No software, including freeware or shareware, may be installed on any district computer until cleared by the administration and network administrator.  The administrator will verify the compatibility of the software with existing software and hardware, and prescribe installation and de-installation procedures.  Program files must have the superintendent’s approval to be installed on any district server or computer. 


           Staff shall not install unapproved hardware on district computers,

or make changes to software settings that support district hardware.

IIBG    Computer Use                                                              IIBG-2


           The administration may conduct periodic audits of software installed

on district equipment to verify legitimate use.

           E-mail Privacy Rights

           Employees and/or students shall have no expectation of privacy when using district e-mail or other official communication systems.  Any e-mail or computer application or information in district computers or computer systems is subject to monitoring by the administration.

           Ownership of Employee Computer Materials

           Computer materials or devices created as part of any assigned district responsibility or classroom activity undertaken on school time shall be the property of the board.


Approved:  10/14/12