ID Instructional Program

ID    Instructional Program (See BBG, CJ, CL, IDA and IJ)                ID

       All certified staff shall cooperatively develop an integrated, comprehensive, performance-oriented preK-12 Instructional Program, which will be composed of the specific courses and programs offered that allow students to meet the goals and objectives set forth in the educational program.   The instructional program is to include district instructional goals and learning objectives and be based on valid educational research and current State Board of Education requirements.  After board of education approval, district instructional goals and learning objectives shall be used by the staff as the basis for developing and implementing specific curricula.  The superintendent shall develop a schedule for periodic curriculum reviews.


       Additions, deletions or alterations to the Instructional Program shall be approved by the board.


       Outside resources and district personnel may be used in curriculum development.

       Financial Resources

       The board encourages the superintendent to secure federal, state and private grants, or other alternative funding sources for use in curriculum development.  The certified staff is encouraged to use available commercial, public domain and community resources to assist in developing the instructional program and extending it beyond the traditional classroom setting.

       Evaluation   (See IJ)

Approved:  10/14/12