GCRF Non-School Employment

GCRF   Non-School Employment                                                 GCRF

           Classified employees shall not be excused during their regularly assigned time schedule to perform outside employment except for the duties required of the Fire Department and/or EMT Services only.  In the event that a classified employee is called out to perform emergency fire and/or EMT services, the supervisor of that classified employee will ensure that school services will be provided in that employee's absence and give the classified employee permission to leave.  Classified employees will not be released for fire and/or EMT services in the event that the classified employee is involved in a district response to an emergency situation at the employee's assigned school.  All classified employees released for fire and/or EMT services during the employee's assigned duty day will be expected to make up all duty time missed upon the classified employee's return to assigned duties.  Classified employees released by their supervisor for fire and/or EMT services are expected to return to their assigned school duties as quickly as is possible.


Approved: 10/14/12