GAR Communicable Diseases

GAR  Communicable Diseases                                                   GAR-1

         Whenever an employee has been diagnosed by a physician as having a communicable disease as defined in current regulation, the employee shall report the diagnosis and nature of the disease to the superintendent so that a proper reporting may be made to the county or joint board of health as required by current law.

         An employee afflicted with a communicable disease dangerous to the public health shall be suspended from duty for the duration of the contagiousness in order to give maximum health protection to other district employees and to students.

         The employee shall be allowed to return to duty upon recovery from the illness, or when the employee is no longer contagious as authorized by the employee's physician.

         The board reserves the right to require a written statement from the employee's physician indicating that the employee is free from all symptoms of the communicable disease.

            If a district employee has been diagnosed as having a communicable disease and the superintendent has been notified by the employee, as provided in policy, the superintendent shall determine whether a release shall be obtained from the employee's physician before the employee returns to duty.

            Decisions regarding the type of employment setting for an employee with a communicable disease shall be made by the superintendent based upon consideration of the physical condition of the employee and the following factors:

GAR  Communicable Diseases                                                   GAR-2

·    the nature of the risk;

·    the duration of the risk;

·    the severity of the risk; and

·    the probability that the disease will be transmitted or cause harm to the employee or to others who will share the same setting.


            No information regarding employees with communicable diseases shall be released by district personnel without the employee's consent except to comply with state or federal statutes.


Approved:  10/14/12