GAAD Child Abuse

GAAD  Child Abuse  (See JCAC and JGEC)                              GAAD-1

           Any district employee who has reason to know or suspect a child has been injured as a result of physical, mental or emotional abuse or neglect or sexual abuse, shall promptly report the matter to the local Social Rehabilitation Services (SRS) office or to the local law enforcement agency if the SRS office is not open.

           The employee making the report will not contact the child’s family or any other persons to determine the cause of the suspected abuse or neglect.

               SRS Access to Students on School Premises

               The building principal shall allow a student to be interviewed by SRS or law enforcement representatives on school premises and shall act as appropriate to protect the student’s interests during the interview.

               Cooperation Between School and Agencies

               Principals shall work with SRS and law enforcement agencies to develop a plan of cooperation for investigating reports of suspected child abuse or neglect.  To the extent that safety is not compromised, law enforcement officers investigating complaints of suspected child abuse or neglect on school property shall not be in uniform.

               Reporting Procedure

               The employee shall promptly report to the local SRS office or law enforcement if SRS is closed.  It is recommended the building administrator also be notified after the report is made.

               If the building principal has been notified, the principal shall immediately notify the superintendent that the initial report to SRS has been made.

GAAD      Child Abuse                                                           GAAD-2

               If appropriate, the principal may confer with the school's social worker, guidance counselor or psychologist.  At no time shall the principal or any other staff member prevent or interfere with the making of a suspected child abuse report.

               If available, the following information shall be given by the person making the initial report:  name, address and age of the student; name and address of the parents or guardians; nature and extent of injuries or description of neglect or abuse; and any other information that might help establish the cause of the child’s condition.

               Any personal interview or physical inspection of the child by any school employee shall be conducted in an appropriate manner with an adult witness present.

               State law provides that anyone making a report in accordance with state law and without malice shall be immune from any civil liability that might otherwise be incurred or imposed.


Approved:  10/14/12