EC Equpiment and Supplies

EC   Equipment and Supplies Management                                        EC

       The district office shall keep up-to-date inventory records on all equipment and supplies.


       All packing lists will be checked against all invoices for accuracy by the superintendent or person responsible for receiving supplies.

          A quantity control system is needed in order to prevent shortages or mismanagement of district-owned equipment or supplies.  The system shall be kept up-to-date and be accurate enough to provide information for budget preparation each year.

          Upon verification by the purchasing agent that receivables are in order, the merchandise shall be sent to the appropriate location as soon as possible.  Each building principal shall be responsible for the allocation or storage  of all supplies  and equipment.  If the items cannot be delivered to the proper destination, they will be stored in an appropriate storage area.

          Back orders shall be filed with the invoice and attached to the purchase order.  Periodic checks shall be made to determine whether back orders have been filled and delivered.


Approved: 10/14/12