EBC Security & Safety (form)

EBC   Security and Safety                                                         EBC-1

         (See JCAC, JCDBB, JDD, JDDB, JDDC and KGD)

         Security devices may be installed at district attendance centers.  Other measures may be taken to prevent intrusions or disturbances from occurring in school buildings or trespassing on school grounds.  The district will cooperate with law enforcement in security matters and shall, as required by law, report felonies and misdemeanors committed at school, on school property or at school-sponsored activities.

         Reporting Crimes at School to Law Enforcement

         Any district employee who knows or has reason to believe any of the following has occurred at school, on school property or at a school-sponsored activity shall immediately report this information to local law enforcement:  an act which constitutes the commission of a felony or a misdemeanor; or an act which involves the possession, use or disposal of explosives, firearms or other weapons as defined in current law.

         It is recommended the building administrator also be notified.

         Reporting Certain Students to Administrators and Staff

         Administrative, professional or paraprofessional employees of a school who have information that a pupil has engaged in the following shall report the information and the identity of the pupil to the superintendent.  The superintendent shall investigate the matter and if it is determined the student has been involved in the following, the superintendent shall provide information, and the identity of the student to all employees who are involved

EBC   Security and Safety                                                         EBC-2

or likely to be directly involved in teaching or providing related services to pupil:

·    Any pupil who has been expelled for conduct which endangers the safety of others.

·    Any student who has been expelled for commission of felony type offenses;

·    Any student who has been expelled for possession of a weapon;

·    Any student who has been adjudged to be a juvenile offender and whose of­fense, if committed by an adult, would constitute a felony, except a felony theft offense involving no direct threat to human life;

·    Any student who has been tried and convicted as an adult of any felony, ex­cept theft involving no direct threat to human life.

         Annual Reports

         The principal of each building shall prepare all reports required by law and present them to the state board of education annually.  Re­ports shall not include any personally identifiable information about students.  These reports and this policy may be made available upon request to parents, patrons, students, and employees and others who request the information.

         Staff Immunity

         No board of education, board member, superintendent of schools or school employee shall be liable for damages in a civil action resulting from a person's good faith acts or omission in complying with the requirements or provisions of the Kansas school safety and security act.



APPROVED:  10/14/12

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