EBBE Emergency Drills

EBBE   Emergency Drills                                                           EBBE

           Building principals shall be responsible for scheduling and conducting emergency drills as required by law and for ensuring students are instructed in the procedures to follow during the emergency drill and in an actual emergency.

               Each building principal shall develop a written plan for specific emergency drills required by law.  The plan shall include specific arrangements for the evacuation of mobility impaired and other individuals who may need assistance from staff members to safely exit the building.

               Each principal shall conduct briefings with the staff concerning the emergency plan.

               Each teacher shall explain the plan to students under their jurisdiction prior to a date established by the principal.    Drills shall be held at times determined by the building principal.  However, at least one of the three tornado drills required by law shall be held prior to the tornado season beginning each April.


Approved:  10/14/12