EBBD Evacuations-Emergencies-School Closing

EBBD   Evacuations and Emergencies (See EBBF and JBH)         EBBD-1

           If an emergency interferes with the normal conduct of school affairs, students may be dismissed from school only by the superintendent or designee.  A plan for emergency dismissal of students during the school day shall be developed by the superintendent.

               School will not be dismissed early because of an emergency when the safety of students and teachers is better served by remaining at school.

               During an emergency period when there is insufficient warning time, the district will keep all students under school jurisdiction and supervision.  The staff shall remain on duty to supervise students during this time.  Parents may come to school and pick up their children. Students shall be released according to board policy for release of students during the school day.

               School-Closing Announcements

               When the superintendent believes the safety of students is threatened by severe weather or other circumstances, parents and students shall be

notified as approved annually by the board in student handbooks.

               Bomb Threats

               If there is a bomb threat or similar emergency, the principal shall see that students are escorted to a safe place.  The principal shall notify law enforcement agencies of the threat and request a thorough inspection of the buildings and grounds.  Other contingencies as noted in the crisis plan shall be followed.

EBBD       Evacuations and Emergencies                                   EBBD-2

               If it is determined that no danger exists to the students’ safety and if there is time remaining in the school day, school shall be resumed.

               Planning for Emergencies

               Each building principal shall develop appropriate emergency procedures which shall be included in the district’s crisis plans.  As appropriate, portions of the crisis plan developed shall be held in strict confidence by staff members having direct responsibility for implementing the plan.


Approved:  10/14/12