CMA Administrative Rules and Regulations

CMA  Administrative Rules and Regulations  ,                              CMA

(See BDA, CM, DJFAB, GAA and JA)

            The superintendent is responsible for recommending, rules and regulations necessary to carry out board policy and to operate the district’s schools.  No administrative rule shall conflict with board policy.

         The superintendent shall review all proposed rules before they are submitted to the board.  The administrative staff shall review all administrative rules recommended by the superintendent before being submitted to the board for their consideration.

         Staff Involvement

         The superintendent may include representatives of those employees who will be affected at the planning stage.

         Community Involvement

         The superintendent may involve district patrons on committees or study groups whenever necessary and appropriate.

         Student Involvement

         The superintendent may consider students’ opinions concerning rules which affect them. 

            Rules Drafting

            All proposed rules may be submitted to the legal counsel to determine their legality before they are submitted to the board.

CMA     Administrative Rules                                                   CMA-2

         Disseminating Rules

         All employees who play a role in enforcing the rules or who will be affected by any rule changes shall be given copies of the pertinent rules and any revisions.

         Reviewing Rules

         Administrative rules adopted by the board shall be subject to regular review by the administrative staff.  Proposed changes shall be submitted to the board.

         Action Allowed When No Policy Exists

         In an emergency when action must be taken, the superintendent shall have authority to act.  Any decision shall be subject to board review at the next meeting.  The superintendent should recommend any policy needs the incident may have created.


Approved:  10/14/12