BDA Developing & Adopting Policy

BDA   Developing and Adopting Policy  (See CM, CMA, GAA and JA) BDA-1

         The board shall adopt all new policies and delete or modify existing policies.  Board policies, rules and regulations may be amended at any board meeting by a majority vote of the board.  All handbooks shall be approved by the board and adopted, by reference, as a part of these policies and rules.   

         Drafting Policy

         The superintendent shall draft all recommended policy changes, including new policy recommendations.  The superintendent may involve appropriate staff members, patrons or students when revising or drafting new policy.

         Attorney Involvement

         Board policies and rules may be submitted to the legal counsel to determine their legality before they are submitted to the board.

         Policy Dissemination

       Changes in board policy shall be disseminated as appropriate. The superintendent shall develop a procedure to ensure appropriate dissemination and the destruction or removal of obsolete policies. One hard copy policy book shall be kept in the c e n t r a l business office. If appropriate, the superintendent may also designate additional staff members who shall be furnished a policy book. Current board-approved policies shall be posted on the district website, or other website designated by the board.  Board members, district staff, patrons and others will be encouraged to use the web site to access current board policy.



BDA   Developing and Adopting Policy                                        BDA-2

Historical Policy Files

         The district office shall keep an historical set of board policies which will reflect all revisions, amendments or other actions pertaining to every policy and rule.


Public Input on Policy

         Individuals or groups may submit proposed changes in board policy.



Approved:  10/14/12