BCBG Voting Methods

BCBG   Voting Method                                                               BCBG

           The board shall take action by way of motions.  No motion may be acted upon until it has been seconded by a board member.  The vote on all motions shall be by "yes" and "no" and will be taken by a show of hands or other public voting method.  Following each vote, the president shall announce the motion carried or failed by a vote of ___ affirmative votes to ___ negative votes.  The minutes shall indicate whether a motion passed or failed.  Each board member shall have the privilege of explaining any vote.

           Any abstaining vote shall be counted as a "no" vote.  (See KSA 72-8205)

           Any member may declare a conflict of interest in a particular issue and shall leave the meeting room until discussion and voting on the matter is concluded.  The minutes shall note that a particular member has declared a conflict of interest and left.  The minutes shall also record the time the member left the meeting and when the member returned to the board meeting.


Approved:  10/14/12