BBC Coard Committees

BBC   Board Committees  (See CF)                                                BBC

         The board shall operate at all times as a committee of the whole.

         There shall be no standing or temporary board committees except as provided for in this policy.  Board members may serve on committees which advise the board.

         Sub-committees of the board may be assigned on a temporary basis and shall consist of no more than two board members.  Board subcommittees are subject to the open meetings law.

         Advisory Committees

         After considering administrative recommendations, the board may establish advisory committees.  The type and function of each advisory committee shall be dictated by district needs.  After considering recommendations of the superintendent and other members of the administrative staff, the board shall appoint all members of board advisory committees.

         No financial assistance shall be furnished any committee without prior board approval.  The superintendent shall monitor each committee’s progress and relay information to the board.  As requested, each committee shall report in writing to the superintendent and/or the board.

         The board may dissolve any advisory committee at any time.  No committee shall exist longer than one year unless reappointed by board action.


Approved:  10/14/12