AEB Extended School Year


AEB   Extended School Year  (See JBD, JBE, JCDA and JDD)          AEB

         Extended School Year

         The board may extend the regular academic year.  The superintendent shall be responsible for preparing a plan and presenting it to the board.  The board may extend the regularly scheduled academic year because of the following types of circumstances which are stated by way of illustration and not by way of limitation:  adverse weather conditions, building maintenance problems, personnel problems, public health reasons, or budgetary problems.

         Extended Learning Opportunities for Students

         The board may require extended learning opportunities for students not meeting minimum academic requirements as defined by the board.  Students may be assigned to extended academic sessions including, but not limited to:

·    before- or after-school;

·    Friday school; or

·    Summer sessions.

         Regulations necessary to govern extended academic sessions shall be recommended by the superintendent for board approval.  Truancy laws, suspension and expulsion policies and law, and all appropriate portions of the student behavior code shall apply during extended academic sessions. 



Approved: 10/14/12