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President                 Melvin Nicholas (1960)      316-452-5731
Vice President       Reg Redding (1978)              316-721-5406
Secretary                  Joel Snyder (1989)                 620-344-6042
Treasurer                 Brett Dannels (1989)            620-344-3406

This page presents all Hamilton High graduates since 1913.  Each graduate's current address, death date (if applicable), and maiden name (if applicable) will be presented as accurately as possible.  If there are any changes or additions that need to be applied to the list, please comment below, write the Hamilton Alumni Association (address below), or call Hamilton High School:  (620) 678-3651.  The list was provided by Leta Watts Harrell.  Thank you, and enjoy.

     The classes of 1941, 1966, 1991, and 2016 will be honored.

     Here is a list of years and their anniversaries:

 Graduation Year Anniversary
 1943 70th
1993 20th 
2003 10th 
2013 New 

The Alumni Association Address is:  Hamilton Alumni Association
                                                                            P.O. Box 43
                                                                            Hamilton, KS 66853

Click on the link below to view the Hamilton High School Alumni.
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