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Media Center Mission Statement

The mission of the K-12 Library Media Centers of USD 390 is to ensure that students and staff are lifelong effective users of ideas and information.  

Library Hours

7:45 a.m. to 3:45 p.m. Monday-Thursday.

Media Center Philosophy

The philosophy of the K-12 Library Media Centers of USD 390 is to provide a wide variety of electronic and print resources to support school and district curriculum and promote recreational reading by including materials based upon student interests.


  • Enter library quietly.
  • Each student will be allowed to have 2 books checked out at a time.
  • Listen to instructions & do activity quietly using only indoor voices.
  • Check out books when instructed by adult on duty.
  • After checking books out, continue with activity.


  • Library will be closed IF being used by another teacher or program. (watch for stop and go sign on door.
  •  Respect and be kind to others.
  •  Listen to directions. Must have a pass for unscheduled library visit.
  • ALL feet of chairs on floor!
  • Return books in good shape and on time and treat books with care.
  • Raise your hand for help.
  • Use shelf markers properly.
  • Have a positive attitude.
  • We will take turns and share.
  • We will respect others’ personal space.
  • All other school rules apply for library time.