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Sheila Hughes, Pre-K Teacher


Hi!  My name is Sheila Hughes and I am the Prekindergarten teacher at Hamilton Elementary School.  I graduated from Hamilton High School and then from Emporia State University.  I taught 5th grade in Eureka for 27 years and then moved to all day Kindergarten for 4 years.  For four years, I taught half-day Preschool and half-day Kindergarten.  This year, I am teaching Preschool in the mornings.  I love teaching these young students that are so eager to learn.  They are like little sponges that soak up so much knowledge quickly.

I have been married to Steve for the past 43 years.  He is a local rancher who also helps out on many other ranches in the area.  We have a daughter, Zenda, who lives in Kansas City with her husband Mike and three year old daughter, Peyton.  Zenda is in her second year of teaching fourth grade in the North Kansas City school district and Mike is a safety inspector for Murphy Hoffman.  They both served our country in the Navy.  Peyton is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her baby brother who is due on October 24.

We walked through the door
One bright summer day,
Ready and eager to learn more
From now until May.

The rules we are learning,
Our hands are raised before speaking.
We are learning to listen and share
Then glue and cut without a tear.

We identify letters and numbers
On our new Smart Board.
Plants, animals, levers, and inclined planes
Are some of our favorite Science things.

We talk about our feelings and the weather
Then decide who have a fin or a feather.
Making patterns and sorting is part of the day

After some exercise, you will find us singing away.

The Preschool students have been working hard to learn a new letter and number each week of school.  This week we have been learning the letter Dd and the number 4.  Students counted different items, compared numbers for more/less, and made the number 4 with their bodies.  They learned the story of Daisy Dragon, her sound, and her gesture.  The students made dogs for the letter D and to practice their cutting skills.  They also made dinosaurs for the D sound.  They have also been working on good study skills and how to handle different feelings properly.