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Field Trip to Topeka

On Tuesday, October 28 the 3rd and 4th  graders went to Topeka to visit the Kansas Museum of History and the State Capitol building. As the students walked into the Kansas Museum of History, they saw several statues of famous Kansans such as Amelia Earhart, President Dwight Eisenhower and William Allen White. They were in awe when they walked into the main gallery of the museum and saw a restored Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe steam locomotive. Next, they toured the locomotive, dining car, sleeping car and passenger car. They enjoyed the Native American section, with displays of early life through the early 1900s. The teepee and bison exhibits were two of their favorites.

     They ate lunch outside the museum, and the students enjoyed playing on the unique playground equipment. After lunch they toured the Capitol building. The view of the outside of the Capitol dome was really awesome, as was the inside. They visited the old Supreme Court, and all the students got to sit in a judge’s chair. They also saw the House of Representatives, the Senate, and walked across the glass floor in the State Library. The murals throughout the building were enjoyed by all.

Topeka Field Trip